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The Next American Revolution: Beyond Corporate Capitalism & State Socialism

July 25th, 2013

Gar Alperovitz: Historian, political economist, activist, writer

Join us for a screening and discussion of “The Next American Revolution: Beyond Corporate Capitalism & State Socialism”

When: Thursday, August 22 @ 7pm

Where: 5604 Manor Rd.

“While there’s been no shortage of commentary about the structural crisis plaguing the American economic and political system, from wage stagnation and chronic unemployment to unchecked corporate and state power and growing inequality, analyses that offer practical, politically viable solutions to these problems have been few and far between. This illustrated presentation from distinguished historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz is a rare and stunning exception. Pointing to efforts already under way in thousands of communities across the U.S., from co-ops and community land trusts to municipal, state, and federal initiatives that promote entrepreneurship and sustainability, Alperovitz marshals years of research to show how bottom-up strategies can work to check monopolistic corporate power, democratize wealth, and empower communities. The result is a highly accessible look at the current economy and a common-sense roadmap for building a system more in sync with American values.”

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Join Us for Red Rabbit’s Grand Opening!

July 8th, 2013

grand opening

Cooperative Cooperation

June 11th, 2013

Check out this video from The Austin American-Statesman.  Cooperation Texas is featured alongside several Austin cooperatives, including Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery and Wheatsville Food Co-op!  There’ll be an article in the paper this Sunday, be sure to check it out!


Tidy Houses, Fair Wages

May 29th, 2013

Check out the worker-owners of Dahlia Green Cleaning Services in this short video!

Celebrate the graduation of 4th Tap Brewing Co-op!

April 30th, 2013

4thTapLogoCelebrate the graduation of 4th Tap Brewing Co-op!


When: Saturday, May 18th @ 7pm

Where: 5604 Manor Rd.

Join us to celebrate the most recent graduating class from Cooperation Texas’ Cooperative Business Institute (CBI) start-up course: 4th Tap Brewing Co-op! Equipped with the knowledge and experience from the CBI, members of 4th Tap are poised to go from humble home brewers to equal owners of Texas’ first worker-owned cooperative brewery! The CBI is a comprehensive training program designed to empower participants with the skills and resources needed to start and strengthen worker-owned businesses in Texas. Through the CBI, members of 4th Tap learned the history, principles and values of worker-owned cooperatives, along with the legal, organizational and business essentials needed to effectively manage their co-op. The ceremony will feature a presentation from the future worker-owners of 4th Tap, several craft brews from 4th Tap, and vegan donuts from previous CBI graduates Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery!

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